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Your first step is to set up your company account. You can explore Brilliance and create your course at no cost. Add any people in your company who will help you with your course. There’s no contract, no strings attached.  Add your company to Brilliance now.


Create A Course That's Free For Retailers

You can create a course that’s 100% free for retailers and their employees to take. This type of course is perfect for brands and manufacturers who want to deliver free product training to their customers. There’s no cost to build your course - when you’re ready to publish it to the course catalog, you’ll start paying a monthly fee to deliver your course on Brilliance. Set up a virtual tour of Brilliance to learn more.

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It's free to create and publish a course that’s purchased by the retailers. This type of course is perfect for retail experts and topic specialists. You get to set your course price (starting at $49) and choose whether your course is a one-time purchase or a monthly subscription fee. When a retailer buys, you earn 80% of the purchase price. You have complete control to request payouts as your course sells. Set up a virtual tour of Brilliance to learn more.

Step-By-Step Course Builder

The course builder wizard in Brilliance walks you through the entire process one step at a time. You get to build your landing page, add your course content, and pick your pricing. Your progress will save as you go so you can come back and finish at any time.  It’s powerful, but easy! 

Custom Branding

Brand your courses by adding custom elements. You can add your company logo and select your company brand colors. Add an “About” section with your company info and a link to your website. Include a headshot and personal bio for your course instructors. You want to look like YOU on Brilliance!

Multiple Lesson Formats & Downloadable Resources

Your course can include lessons that are videos, PDFs, word docs, or simple text typed right into the course builder. You can also add additional resources to each lesson (for example, a chart, checklist, spreadsheet, template, or list) in a wide variety of media formats. 

Offer Certification

Add value to your course by adding a certificate that learners can earn by completing required lessons. These downloadable, printable certificates can be customized with your brand colors, font, text, company logo, and even the instructor's signature. Certificates are a great way to recognize achievement with a tangible reward and create a connection with your learners.

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Example Courses

Retail Sales Academy
by WhizBang! Retail Training

Selling is the #1 activity in every retail store. This customer-focused sales system - the 6 Steps to the Perfect Purchase - leads to happier customers, more confident employees, and higher sales!

The Conversion Clinic: Boutique Edition
by Capital Commerce

The Conversion Clinic teaches industry secrets & best practices to help your e-com site MAKE MORE SALES. Plus get LIVE walkthroughs in Shopify on how to do what we teach. Recommendations are focused on Boutiques, but the concepts benefit EVERY industry.

Retail Mastery System
by WhizBang! Training

A foundational course for business owners, the Retail Mastery System delivers comprehensive training in ALL ELEVEN essential retail skills. As one store owner said, "For retailers, this is better than a Harvard MBA!"

Retailer’s Roadmap to Simplified Marketing
by Crystal Media

Get the clarity, knowledge, and tools you need to drive traffic, increase sales, and reach extraordinary levels of success with your social media marketing. Includes both an Owner's Track and a Social Media Manager's Track!

Add-On Master Class
by WhizBang! Retail Training

Effective adding on is the fastest and easiest way to increase sales. The Add On Master Class shows you how to train and motivate your team to do it in a short, 5-lesson course.

Build Your Own Brand
by Your Branding Buddy

This step-by-step course shows you how to build your own visual brand from scratch OR refresh elements in your current brand - for a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional designer! Plus you'll get 100s of "done for you" brand templates.