For All Sized Companies

Whether you have one store on “main street” or hundreds of stores across the country, Brilliance was designed to work for you. It’s super affordable (even free) for small retail businesses and powerful enough for bigger companies.


For All Kinds Of Retail Industries

Brilliance works no matter what you sell. Everyone from Antique stores to Zoo gift shops will find courses that are relevant for their stores and their employees. You’ll find both general retail courses and industry-specific courses in the catalog.


For Retailers Who Want Their People (And Their Stores) To Perform Brilliantly

You understand the value a highly skilled person brings to your business. It’s not magic and it’s no secret - better people mean higher sales, happier customers, and less stress in the company. Great training helps everyone from the owner to the sales staff level up their game. Investing in your team’s performance is a great investment in your business.


For Retailers Who Want To Solve The Training Problem Once And For All

Look, we’ve been retailers and have stood in your shoes. We know that it’s hard to give your team great, retail-specific training. First, you have to go on a scavenger hunt to find the right information, whether it’s sales training, product training, social media training, or any of the many other skills they (and you!) need. Then you have to send the right people to a whole bunch of different individual websites to get the appropriate training. And it’s impossible to tell if your people actually do the training, or whether they fully understand the lessons.  No wonder so many stores have a skeleton training program at best...


For Retailers Who Want Less Employee Turnover And A Better Company Culture

When your employees are properly trained they feel calm, confident, and capable. They experience more success at work, are happier in their job, and are less likely to leave. Younger employees in particular expect opportunities to learn and grow with their companies. And at the core… investing in your team shows that you care about them as employees and as people.  


For Retailers Who Want Training That’s Customized For Their Business

You can create your own custom company course in Brilliance to use for employee onboarding and ongoing training. Teach them everything they need to know about working in your business, from where to park to what music gets played in the store. 

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Ready to get started?

Getting started with Brilliance is easy. First, create your free company account, then set up any additional stores, add your people, browse the course catalog, and start learning!

There are lots of tutorial videos and FAQs inside Brilliance to help guide you on your way. Plus, our support team is happy to help!