For Brands & Manufacturers

Getting your product training into the hands of as many retail salespeople as possible - it’s your mission and it’s ours. Great product training makes salespeople more capable and confident when selling your stuff. And that increases your sales and builds brand loyalty. Period.

Adding your product training course to Brilliance is a no-brainer, even if you’ve also got it on your own website. Retailers are already here on Brilliance, already assigning training to their team. Make it one-stop-shopping for them to assign your training, too!

Plus, you can invite any of your retail customers to join Brilliance for FREE and get your product training. You can offer a free course (which makes the entire thing free for them) or you can create a course that they purchase. Either way, Brilliance is the place to be.


For Retail Experts

You care about retailers as much as we do and want to share your deep retail knowledge, and proven, practical ideas. And you’re ready to monetize your expertise!  Retailers are hungry to learn what you have to teach - from marketing to visual merchandising, sales training to product knowledge, customer service to assortment planning. Create one course or many and then let Brilliance do the rest. Your course will go into the catalog where a large audience of retailers - your perfect target market - will see it and buy it.


For Topic Specialists

You might not be a retail expert, but you’ve got specialized expert knowledge that retailers need: workplace safety, insurance, stress management, financial planning, real estate, productivity… the list is long. Adding your course to Brilliance is a great way for you to reach thousands of potential customers and monetize your expertise.


Create One Course Or Many, Then Let Brilliance Do The Rest

Our mission is to help retailers find and buy (or take for free) the courses they need to make their businesses successful, fun, and profitable. So after you publish your course, we go to work matching up your course with the right businesses and the right people. The right industries. The right roles in the business. In other words, we do the on-platform marketing for you! When your content gets into the hands of the right people, we ALL win. 


Need Help With Your Course? We’ve Got You Covered.

The Brilliance support team is always here to help you design and build your course. You can get a complete live demo of the course builder (it’s so easy) and we’ll guide you every step of the way. We can consult on how to organize your ideas, share best practices for adult learning, and help with your course outline. We can even help you with course naming and the marketing copy for your landing page. Contact us to set up a virtual tour of Brilliance to learn more.


Ready to get started?

Getting started with Brilliance is easy. First, create your free company account, connect to Stripe for easy payouts, and start building your first course!

There are lots of tutorial videos and FAQs inside Brilliance to help guide you on your way. Plus, our support team is happy to help!