Andy T.

"Brilliance is the 'Easy Button' for training our team!  From teaching on-the floor selling skills to offering our private 60-hour training for new Team Members, we are empowering our people to do their best and shorten their time from Rookies to Sales Professionals who are having FUN on the sales floor!"

Angela S

"I think this platform is a game-changer! I assigned my team product training for a very expensive mixer and we had a promo on them the following weekend. I was shocked at how many we sold... way more than I expected! Because of the training, my team knew exactly how to sell the mixer and had the confidence to make that big-ticket sale."

Jessica S.

"Brilliance has revolutionized our company’s training process. Since implementing Brilliance, our turnover has decreased by over 50%! Previously, we had higher employee turnover due to job-related stress. Now our team receives consistent training through videos and quizzes, training is streamlined, and our team is happier and more confident. I am now recommending Brilliance to my coaching clients as well."

Nancy & Chris G.

"The intuitive interface and current, engaging content on Brilliance have streamlined training for my entire team, keeping us at the cutting edge of industry standards and best practices. Access to such a reliable resource has been crucial in our commitment to delivering top-notch service and products to our cherished furry clients. Since our businesses are located in a different state from where we reside, having the ability to easily monitor our employees' training progress is an invaluable asset."

Jennifer S.

"We LOVE using Brilliance for our retail training. The videos and quizzes make sure that my employees are all trained the same way, using the same language, each and every time. I can assign lessons and know that they have watched and learned. Means I can spend my time ON the business - not running around making sure everyone knows what’s going on!!"